Thursday Church Offers Anderson Midweek Option

Main Street Church of God is the latest church in central Indiana to offer a midweek option to its community. Historically, Wednesday evening was the default middle-of-the-week choice. After all, it was commonly understood that churches met once on Sunday morning, once again on Sunday night, and yet again on Wednesday evening. It was Wednesday evening when a church offered its midweek Bibles study/prayer meeting/get-together. And though Main Street Church of God is gearing up to celebrate their centennial this year, they’re nevertheless breaking out of the mold. Beginning March 16, Thursday Church welcomes neighbors near and far to refuel, refresh, and reconnect with God in a casual, comfortable setting.

Thursday Church combines much of the best of church in just an hour and a half: snacks, community, worship, prayer, and small group study. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the religions and cults of the world? Or even what the difference between a religion and a cult is? The “Faith & Culture” course option for adults will tackle those subjects first. If a deeper walk with the Lord is what’s on your heart and mind right now, then the “Going Deeper” course option is just what the doctor ordered! Children will love the Main Street Detective Agency, an interactive VBS-like learning experience every Thursday that will encourage them to investigate the claims of the Bible.

So throw on your jeans or shorts (depending on the weather), or a hoodie or a T-shirt (actually, you can wear all those on Sundays, too!), and join us at 6:30 PM on Thursdays. Here’s what it’s gonna look like:

6:45—A couple worship songs
6:55—A brief time of prayer
7:00—Two course options for adults, Main Street Detective Agency for kids
7:55—Closing remarks

They’ll be sure to have you out of there by 8!

“For too long, church has been done by one or two particular blueprints alone,” Carl Stagner, associate pastor of worship explains. “But those blueprints which worked twenty-five, perhaps fifty years ago, aren’t necessarily the best plans to meet the needs of the community today. Thursday Church is kind of like Sunday school, but with a few 21st-century renovations and, instead of Sunday morning, we’re meeting on Thursday evenings. This could be just what someone needs to strengthen their relationship with God. It might even be just what someone needs in this chaotic, crazy world to get their life back on track.”

Exciting new things are happening at Main Street Church of God. See for yourself! For more information, contact the church at, visit, or call 765-644-6555.

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