Time Change Brings Schedule Change to Anderson, IN Church


Love it or hate it, Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner. The bright side for many is that daylight lasts longer into the evenings. The downside—or, the dark side, if you’re really not a morning person—is that on Sunday, March 12, we spring forward and “lose” an hour of sleep. After the initial sting, most of us quickly adapt and no longer notice the change that took place. At 4211 Main Street in Anderson, Indiana, time is not the only thing changing on March 12. The church, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, is reconfiguring its weekly schedule to help members of the church and community go deeper in their faith this year.

Quality children’s ministry will continue!

Time changes, but the mission doesn’t. Culture changes, but Jesus doesn’t. Methods may come and go, but ministry is constant. In today’s ever-changing society, learning by lecture doesn’t cut it anymore. Some learn better through multimedia presentations. Some learn better by reading. Others learn better by hands-on experience. However the learning happens, it must continue to happen. Spiritual growth and discipleship are paramount to Main Street Church of God. As a result, learning through Sunday morning messages—traditionally known as sermons—will be enhanced with breakout discussion groups in the sanctuary, allowing time for questions, comments, and further consideration of truths preached from the pulpit. Slideshow presentations for those who learn best by reading and taking notes will continue to be a staple feature of Main Street services.

Main Street Church of God, as seen from Main Street in Anderson.

It has been said that one thing Christians know how to do well is eat. Leadership at Main Street Church of God doesn’t want you to be late to the buffet! Additional time for sermon discussion poses a problem for hungry people—unless the worship service begins fifteen minutes earlier. So you can feed your spiritual cravings first, on March 12, Sunday worship celebration services will begin at 10:15 AM.

But what about Sunday School? To continue Sunday School as-is, it would have to start even earlier than it already does. Instead, Sunday School gets a facelift and moves to Thursday evenings beginning March 16. Thursday Church will offer a mid-week opportunity to refuel on God’s Word and open up fresh discipleship opportunities to our neighborhood and surrounding community. More than one course option will be available to adults, while children will love the new Main Street Detective Agency interactive learning environment. The new day and time for what was Sunday School doesn’t mean there won’t ever be Bible study groups choosing to meet on Sunday mornings before the worship gathering. But it does mean that the difficulty of getting out of bed and to Sunday School will no longer be a problem for dozens of Main Street families.

Change can be uncomfortable as established routines are shaken up a little. Sometimes we all need a jolt of something new. After all, God is all about making all things new. But there are number of things that will never change at Main Street Church of God.

• The church will continue to lift up the name of Jesus as central to who we are and all that we do.

• The church will continue to offer messages rooted in the Bible and applicable.

• The church will continue to experience the same kind of energetic, Spirit-filled worship services you’ve come to expect.

• Children’s church and nursery will continue to be provided during Sunday morning worship services.

• The church will continue to offer opportunities to bless the city of Anderson and beyond with the love of God, by putting our faith in action.

God has called his children to be disciples, not just “saved sinners.” He wants us to be fully-devoted followers, not just occupy space in a pew bench on Sunday mornings. Main Street Church of God has observed that Christians simply aren’t growing like we ought. So we can’t continue down the same course if we want to expect different results.

Friendly faces…something that will never change at Main Street!

In a statement released by the church, it was clear that they’ve remained committed the Jesus Christ, His word, and His mission for the community. “We must find a way to continue to clearly communicate the unchanging message of Jesus in today’s constantly changing world. We have to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) by whatever means possible.”

Exciting new things are happening at Main Street Church of God. See for yourself! For more information, contact the church at info@mainstreetcog.net, visit www.mainstreetcog.net, or call 765-644-6555.

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