Church Aims to Revitalize Marriages at Conference Simulcast

Pastor Don leading local session with his wife Karen.

Healthy marriages translate to healthy culture. Don’t believe us? Take just a little time to browse the results of study after study which identify the family as the foundational unit of society. The quality of marriage directly affects the family unit, which has a major impact on the community. So when Main Street Church of God decided to host a simulcast of a nationwide marriage conference, it fell right in line with the church’s heart for the community. It also had a lasting effect on several individual marriages—just in time for Valentine’s Day.

“We really needed this. It helped us a lot. It helped me a lot” one husband said. His wife added, “We were kind of down in the dumps. We needed this more than we’ll ever know. God knew.”

Another said, “The biggest thing I came away with was that God’s hand has been all over our marriage from the very beginning, and we didn’t even realize it.”

Watching the simulcast.

Broadcast to over twenty thousand conference participants via the Internet, the XO Marriage Conference was designed to spark new life and new hope into marriages around the world. A variety of speakers, including Jimmy and Karen Evans of MarriageToday, used real-life examples and biblical instruction to challenge couples to make important changes to their relationship. Couples from across Anderson and as far away as Winchester and Kokomo came to take part in this life-giving experience. Main Street Church of God was the only church in this area to host the international event.

“At Main Street we’re making an intentional effort to reach out to the community using our facility as a resource for training, equipping, and ministering to a variety of needs,” Pastor Don explains. “I was looking for opportunities like this that allowed us to tap in to great teaching, and provide value to our congregation and the community. I came across the XO Marriage Conference and it was a perfect fit for the type of events we want to host.”

Two additional sessions led by Pastor Don provided a forum for questions and discussion among the local couples. The entire event was capped off with thousands of couples simultaneously celebrating a renewal of their wedding vows before the Lord and each other. Surely Satan himself was trembling in his boots.

“The fact that it was a conference focused on strengthening marriages was a bonus!” Pastor Don exclaims. “I believe that the Evil One is attacking families and marriages. I see it in churches and in the community. I’m very familiar with the work of MarriageToday, and appreciate the material and training they make available. I do believe that our culture has a need for encouragement, training, and especially for the message of hope to be brought to families. Healthy marriages and families are foundational not just for churches, but for our culture.”

Come see for yourself what Main Street Church of God is all about. Our worship celebration services on Sunday begin at 10:30 AM at 4211 Main Street, Anderson IN 46013. Contact us at 765-644-6555 or

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