Gospel Concert Series Announced for 2017

Photo: Main Street Church of God

Perhaps more than any other year, 2017 is shaping up to be a gospel music lover’s dream come true. After enjoying the timeless Dixie Melody Boys, the modern Soul’d Out Quartet, and the classic Common Bond Quartet this year, concert-goers were left wondering how that kind of momentum could be sustained. Could 2017 be just as exciting or more? You be the judge. Three nationally-recognized southern gospel groups have just been scheduled at Main Street Church of God for 2017: The amazing Anchormen Quartet, the incredibly talented Whisnants, and the legendary Down East Boys.

Thank God it’s Friday! It’s not hard to remember. The 2017 Main Street Concert Series consists of three concerts between May and September, all free admission (with freewill love offering donation option) and each one is at 7:00 on a Friday evening:

The Anchormen Quartet

The Anchormen Quartet

Friday, May 26, 2016—7:00 PM—In 1979, the Anchormen Quartet burst on the scene with excellence and a style that rivaled established groups like the Kingsmen, and actually predated the formation of the iconic Gold City by one year. Through the years, well-known vocalists have contributed time and talent to the ministry, including Steve Ladd, Tony Jarman, David Sutton, Jeff Chapman, Aaron McCune, and David Hester. Known for standards like “I Feel Like Running” and “Come On In,” the Anchormen have clearly established a name for themselves in southern gospel music.

The Whisnants

The Whisnants

Friday, July 14, 2016—7:00 PM—Originally formed in 1970, but established as the group known to the world today in 1990, the Whisnants have taken tight-knit family harmony to a new level. Perhaps one of their biggest contributions to southern gospel music has been the sheer number of radio hits that have warmed the hearts of countless listeners. “The Past is a Promise,” “A Greater Yes,” “New Day Dawning,” “Even in the Valley,” “Is Anything Too Hard for God?” “What You Took from Me” and most recently “A Grave Mistake” are among those popular songs. Now sons Austin and Ethan are taking to the stage with Mom and Dad (Jeff and Susan) to continue a blessed heritage of communicating the gospel through music.

The Down East Boys

The Down East Boys

Friday, September 8, 2016—7:00 PM—For more than thirty years, the Down East Boys have crisscrossed the country and beyond, all while sharing the hope of the gospel through traditional four-part harmony. No stranger to southern gospel music, the Down East Boys have truly epitomized classic male quartet harmony and style. Their songs have been sung again and again and played on radio stations around the world, including hits like “There’ll be Shouting on the Hills,” “I Won’t Trade My Crown,” “The Mountains Will Be Shaken,” and their current single, “One Way, One Name, One Door.”

From those soaring high tenor notes to those low-down rumbles like only a southern gospel bass singer can produce, southern gospel music has worked its way into the hearts of people everywhere, including central Indiana. Experiential and theological in nature, the lyrics of southern gospel songs ring true from Anderson to Kokomo to the uttermost parts of the earth. Save the dates now and plan to experience these three surefire blessings!

Come see for yourself what Main Street Church of God is all about. Our worship celebration services on Sunday begin at 10:30 AM at 4211 Main Street, Anderson IN 46013. Contact us at 765-644-6555 or info@mainstreetcog.net.

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